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It all began as a mistake. Björn's grandfather, who owned several camera stores in the Detroit area, sent a box of 2000 instant photo exposures to his doorstep when Polaroid went of out of business in 2007. 

Since then Björn has taken enough instant photographs to become the only avatar on Earth able to claim a Malcolm Gladwell-like 10,000 hours of expertise. With desires to become the next Petra Collins, Björn doesn't take pictures. Instead he captures experiences in realtime, converts them digitally, and injects narratives to fit the memory. 

In a world where technology has made it almost impossible to make imperfections or mistakes, shooting on film encourages it. That is why Bjorn takes instant photos only. Most will mistake the product of Björn's instant photos as a result of the format, but a more discerning eye knows better. They will see them for what they are-instant memories in a simulation that is fleeting before our eyes.

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